Unable to open KW3 extension?

Are you getting this error message below while trying to open a KW3 file? See Windows error message related to this file extension as below:

Extension name: KW3
File vendor:
File category:
File security: KW3 security ratings
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95
Recommended: Diagnose your system and open KW3 file extension easily

Problems you may experience if your computer is suffering this file extension error:

  • You're unable to open the attachments of KW3 File Extension in your Email sent by your friends.
  • You cannot open the archive and compressed files of KW3 File Extension, like ZIP, RAR and 7z.
  • You failed to play the audio and music files of this File Extension.
  • You can't open document files of similar File Extension.
  • You're unable to handle the files of File Extension downloaded from the Internet.
  • You failed to view the graphic files of KW3 File Extension.
  • You can't to play movies, video or other multimedia files of this File Extension.
  • Other than KW3 File Extension, you may have failed to open the unknown files that always pop up on your screen.

The File Extension error may lead to:

  • Windows error messages related to this file extension.
  • KW3 file extension error on your Windows 7/Vista/XP.
  • Windows installer KW3 file extension error.
  • KW3 file extension leftovers preventing any re-install.
  • Related registry entries and files are broken or missing.

File Extension error possible causes

file extension errors are usually caused by registry errors, but it is not always the case, occasionally if the related program associated with KW3 file was uninstalled, file extension error may also occur. If the program still exist in your computer, and somehow your system still can not match the file to the program, the situation could be much more complicated. Generally speaking, KW3 file extension errors causes including:

  • The file get corrupted.
  • Related registry entries of this file is invalid.
  • File related registry entries was deleted mistakenly.
  • Computer do not has the right application to open such file extension.
  • The application to open this file extension was incompletely installed.
  • The file was damaged by virus or spyware infections.
  • Overloaded CUP usage when you try to open the file.
  • Outdated drivers for the application to open the file.

How to instantly fix the file extension error and related problem.

As many factors can cause KW3 file extension errors, you need to use special designed tool to help you diagnose every possible aspects of your computer. You may follow the below steps to fix file extension errors and other related problems.

In case the above tool can't fix KW3 related file error, it is recommended to download this Microsoft certified file extension fix.

Extra Tip: How to Check Available Updates for Windows

Outdated driver could be the another cause for KW3 file extension errors or other types of file extension errors, so keeping your computer driver up-to-date is always a good idea, no only for getting the most out of your computer but also preventing various code errors effectively. Windows Update will occasionally inform you optional updates are available, these could include the latest available version drivers for your computer hardware or devices. You may need to check for these update by yourselves in order to access to the new driver updates promptly. Here is the instruction to check for Windows Update.

Step 1: Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.

Step 2: Type in Windows in the Search box to search for Windows Update folder, and click the Check for updates link under Windows Update option.

Step 3: Click the Check for updates button, and then Windows will start searches for available updates for you computer.

Step 4: After the system finished checking for update, click the View available update links as shown in the below screenshot.
(Note: If there is no updates are available, you will see this message in the window. )

Step 5: Select the update you want to install by clicking the checkbox in front of them, then click Install button on the bottom right.

Step 6: After you click the Install button, system will start to install the selected update, you need to wait a few minutes get it done.

Step 7: Once the update finished, you need to restart your computer and let the updates take effect, simple click the Restart now button.

Extra Tip: How to Receive Automatic Driver Updates for Windows

If you prefer to let the system inform you the update other than go checking by yourself, but you don't know how to receive automatic driver updates for Windows, here is the video guide that would walk you though the whole process.

How to update driver for specific device manually

In case you have download the driver recourse and want to update drivers for specific component immediately by yourself, here is how to do:

Step 1: Click Star menu, type in 'driver update' in the search box, and press the Enter key, and you'll see the Update Device Drivers option appear, then click it to open Device Manager, this is the place to manage all the devices installed in your system.

Step 2: All the system devices are categorized in a tree structure view, what you need to do is click the '+' sign to expand a specific device to expend the tree branch to locate the device you need to update.

Step 3: Right click the target device name and select Update Driver Software in the drop down menu.

Step 4: Select the option of "Browse my computer for driver software".

Step 5: Click the Browse button, and then a "browse for folder" window would appear, locate and select the folder where the driver is stored, click OK to confirm the selection.

Step 6: Click the Next button and system will start searching the driver and match it to the selected device.

Step 7: After the driver is installed, Click close button to finish, and now you have successfully installed/updated a driver for your device.

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